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Bocce Ball Testimonial #3: Backyard bocce ball for wrist therapy and fun with kids

by Shenni Bubb
August 2008

Bocce ball, what a fantastic game. I love playing bocce ball, and my family does as well. This is a great game for the entire family and there is no age limit. The bocce balls are easy to transport which makes this a game which you can take anywhere. It's highly entertaining and gives me much needed exercise. It is a cheap investment for much fun and family entertainment.

I play daily in my back yard, which is well over an acre of nice flat terrain. I also take this wherever I go, it's a great source of amusement when the entire family goes holidaying. The old adage "The family that plays together, stays together." is so true. With that said, my entire family is totally hooked on bocce ball.

Why do I love it? Because the rules of play are so simple, my six year old grandson had mastered the game by the time he was five years old. It's challenging and brings the entire family together. I'm extremely competitive, my husband, sons and I, certainly battle it out.

Having broken my wrist years ago, I was in need of some form of therapy to re-strengthen it. My doctor suggested playing bocce, I have never looked back. I once played lawn bowling, but eventually became fed up with the need for investing in uniforms, registration fees and so forth. I also became very frustrated with the little 'catty groups' which the lawn bowl clubs I frequented had.

Playing bocce became a very inexpensive way of having just as much fun, without the need to travel to designated areas.

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