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Bocce Ball Court Design

by Angie Haggstrom
August 2008

Before using your bocce ball set, an official bocce court is quick and easy for anyone to set up. Depending on the available space, courts range from 60 to 100 feet in length and from 10 to 14 feet wide. The rectangular court is then defined by walls which can be anywhere from 6 to 14 inches in height.

The inside of a bocce court, or pit, is divided by three lines which are painted onto the surface or marked with chalk. A foul line is marked across the bocce court, 10 feet from the end, to indicate the "shooting area." The "in bound" or "play area" is marked 10 feet from the end at the opposite end of the court. A third line, made across the court at the half way point, divides the play area into two sections.

There are several variations that can be found on bocce courts. To compensate for players such as the elderly, the very young, or the disabled who have special needs, ramps or a centerline in the shape of a "v" can be found on the court. Smaller areas may also be marked out in the play area for a game variation known as precision bocce or target. Accessories such as stands, scoreboards, chairs, or tables can be found around the play area.

Bocce courts can be luxurious and decorative or effortless and straightforward. Lavish courts can be constructed of rock or brick walls with clay or rock dust surfaces. More basic courts may consist of a grass surface and wood boards. Official courts are constructed with a highly compacted clay surface surrounded by treated lumber walls.

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