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Bocce Ball Rules and Keeping Score

by Corey Aaron Burkes
August 2008

When I first saw a Bocce set, I swore I was looking at a Quidditch set. I thought I would need Harry Potter and a broom! In fact, Bocce couldn't be a simpler game to play. To be honest, the name is the hardest part of the whole thing.

Bocce (pronounced Bah-chee' of Italian origin, by the way) is that game you see kids and adults playing at in the park in a strip of gravel, sand or sectioned off concrete, throwing a ball to the opposite end to score points by being the closest to a smaller of the balls. The game can also be played in the back yard among other games of its variety such as horse shoes and polo.

In a nutshell, throw your ball (the bocce) the closest to the smaller ball (the Pallino, Jack or Pallina), gaining points for the closest ball to the pallino. The first to reach thirteen points wins. Nothing to it, you say? Like any sport requiring precision, get good enough at bocce ball, and you can go tournaments worldwide and see if you truly have the eye for it.

Here's a breakdown of the game of bocce ball rules:

  1. Have an area to play. Either flat or grassy is fine.
  2. The area of play (or court) should just be about 60 - 70 feet long and about 10 - 12 feet wide.
  3. One to four bocce players. Ultimately, one player per ball. If you're by yourself, throw all four balls. Or four teams with four players each. Each team, one ball.
  4. A random individual throws the pallino to the opposite side of the court'
  5. Same person or team starts the game by throwing their bocce ball, attempting to get close to the pallino.
  6. Next person or team attempts to throw, or bowl' their bocce closer to the pallino.
    People not throwing keep track of where the balls land.
  7. Both teams and persons continue to throw their bocce until everyone has used all their bocce.

Keeping score in bocce ball

  1. Scoring (of one point each) are made by each person or teams bocce closest to the pallino. You can use a bocce score board if you choose.
  2. Game continues again until either person or team reaches 13 points.
  3. Throwing the ball in a manner to knock someone else's out of the way is permitted, but you won't gain points.
  4. No points are given to two bocce landing at the same exact distance from the pallino.
  5. Any throw touching the pallino does not gain a point.

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