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Quick summary of bocce ball strategy tips:
1. take practice throws
2. first throw shoud be in front of pallino
3. be creative and varied with your shots

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More Bocce Ball Game Strategy

by Andrew Franz
August 2008

As the winter's snow thaw, and backyards dry out it's time again for that passionate pastime . . . BOCCE! Before you break out the patio furniture, tape measures, and stocked beverage coolers, let's not go into this year cold. Come with me, my fearless lawn lancers, and revue some of the winning tips to get the leg up on friends and neighbors.

Whether a casual or serious player, the most important aspect of the game of bocce ball is knowing the terrain. Even the flattest town courts will have clues for ball speed and trajectory. Whether you play on a flat, even lawn or a sloping, tumultuous back yard, take practice throws. If the surface is hard and bouncy, try pointing and spock shots. If the surface is squishy and giving, try a high, backspinning volo.

The first throw of any bocce ball frame should place immediately in front of the pallino. From here, you may plot your strategy. If your ball is knocked out with a well placed hitter, concentrate on sitting next closest. It is never a good idea to try and wipe out an opponent's ball when you are not sitting next closest. A series of misses and you will find yourself quickly in the hole with your opponent scoring four.

Be creative and varied. Any cluster of shots leaves a broader target for an opponent. If your Bocce balls are interspersed, the decision falls upon the opposing player to knock out or set one close. Instead of being able to regain advantage with one shot, your opponent may waste throws, leaving you open for points.

Most importantly, balance your throwing arm with a beverage in the other. I tend to throw best when I concentrate the least, after all, it is a game. Have fun, drink and play Bocce!

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