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Bocce Ball Testimonial #1: Why I play bocce ball

by Maggie Mae
August 2008

I love to play bocce ball with my son. We introduced him to bocce ball when he was three years old. He just fell in love with it.

I had to go to the store and buy a set of bocce balls that were plastic and filled with liquid so that we could play in the house. They were inexpensive which was nice just in case this was a phase that he was going through. We played informally of course, but the fun was still there. He would throw the white ball (pallino) across the living room floor. Then my husband, son and I would take turns to get our balls closest to the white ball. We played for hours.

It has been interesting to see him develop and mature his strategies. At first he just rolled the ball toward the target ball without thinking. Now he is at the level of trying to knock a contenders ball out of the way. He has even convinced my parents to buy a set of bocce balls for their house. They have an outdoor set which are heavier and seem to be made out of wood. We still play our version of the game in my parent's back yard.

That is what is nice about bocce ball. We made up our own rules and so can you. We just stand in one place and roll our ball to try to be the closest to the white ball that is the target. It is good, clean, family fun. We look forward to many more years of bocce ball in the back yard. This year I just may win a game or two.

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